Friday, August 28, 2015


Right?!  Right!

It's obvious that we're having  little trouble with #TwinTuesday, what with it not being Tuesday.  But you know what?  Sometimes it's the first week of school for one of us.  Sometimes we just have to do it when we can.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gonna Be Another Mountain

Shef and I are stepping into this new territory where we're in the same grade.  Colleagues who have done it before have been glancing at me knowingly and saying things like, "How's it going, MOM?"

I mean, in the first two hours yesterday at 6th Grade Breakfast, it was going fine.

"How did I do?" I asked Shef later.  It was a pretty public day.  I had to go up to the podium, introduce myself in front of the whole grade and their parents, and call forth my advisees.

I thought of a good joke on my way up there and scored some appreciative giggles.  Sure enough, Shef said, "You were really funny."

Internal fist pump!

"So, I did okay?" I prodded.

"Yeah," he said.  "Everyone likes you."

Internal happy dance!

How long do you think I can keep this up?  Until I bust my first cheater?  Say, "Oh no, we don't do that in middle school," for the fiftieth time?  Pawn Magic the Gathering Club off on the new social studies teacher? I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


The summer wasn't as prolific as I imagined it would be.  I mean, the summer was flipping amazing.  But, I didn't spend a lot of time on this fiction writing project. Back in the spring, my father in-law asked if I could just write this damn book in chronological order.  Also, I got a text from Lee: What's the difference between Alice and Norah? she asked.

So, the feeling I'm getting is that my concept isn't really coming through in the #NovelSnip medium.  

That's okay.  Someday it might be a whole book, and it'll make more sense.  In the meantime, it might help to know that Alice is the daughter of Norah and Peter.  She was adopted by Evelyn and Frank, who are her parents.  The narrative goes back and forth through time right now. Norah and Peter falling in love.  Evelyn and Frank parenting Alice and Ethan.  Alice growing up, and in one scene I haven't published here yet, being an adult. In the end, I'm not sure I imagine the time like that.  I'm sort of thinking there will be large chunks in chronological order, which might make Dan's dad happier. His happiness is critically important to me.  Do you know how awesome that dude is?

In any case, this is Alice at 19, seeing Peter for the very first time:

Alice stood still in the fiction section and willed him to turn around.  It had to be him – the height right and the build, a slight slouch to the left in his shoulders.  She gulped and watched him scan the spines of the novels, one hand reaching toward the flat front of a staff recommendation.
Alice's arms tingled, and she turned back toward the door, reaching her right hand to her ribcage, nervously pressing through her flesh and fingering the ridge sloping away from her sternum.
Should she go out and come back in, making more noise this time? Perhaps she could startle him into turning around and meeting her gaze.  She turned toward the door and took a few steps away before peering backward over her shoulder and changing course.
Deep breath.  Sneakers forward.  A tap on the left scapula, a turn.  Blue eyes through glasses.  A sharp inhale.
Alice tilted toward him, right arm forward.  “Hi,” she breathed.

“Well, hello,” he said, warmly, sliding his left arm over her shoulder and clapping her firmly, as she patted his back.  I’m doing this wrong, she thought, letting her cheek rest briefly against his chest.  She shifted her weight back to her heels and stared at the bottom rims of his glasses, at the way they met his cheeks, the way his nose spread a bit as he smiled at her.  “Shall we walk?” he said, and she nodded, turning back toward the door, a half smile and slight stomachache.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Memories Were Carefree

The to-do list is getting slightly smaller, and it looks like I'll be mostly ready for the 6th grade breakfast on Monday.

Bring it, sixth graders!

I've got your locker signs ready.  I've got your combination locks assigned.  I've got some lesson plans for you to enjoy.  Today I'm planning a campfire for our 6th grade overnight.  We'll be singing some songs, for sure.  Everyone will sing.  If you don't sing, I will find you.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Status Report

Back2School: Cruising.  Learning Management System navigating.  Clipboard assembling.  Reading program establishing.  Getting it done and only rarely dissolving into giggle fits.

Dog Health: The guy still has some digestive woes.  Not going to sugar coat it for you.

Growth Spurt: My littlest child, whom I usually have to pry out of bed in the morning, tapped my shoulder this morning at 5:25.  "Mackie's hungry," he said.  Could he be growing?  I'm thinking yes.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back of the Cab

Sometimes when you have a dog, it's all rainbows and sunshine and snuggles.

Sometimes when you have a dog, it's diarrhea and vomiting in the crate, leading to 5am baths and scrubbing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


It's back to the routine, and I'm hopeful that the routine means a #TwinTuesday every Tuesday AND in the morning.  Can we do it?  We're going to try.

In the meantime, I'm going to try going back to work and getting started with our new Learning Management System.  I also filled out a survey about how much I love change.  I said, "Bring it!"  

Let's embrace it!  The new routine and the not disappearing!