Friday, October 24, 2014

A Phony Phone Call

I get up at 5:30ish to prepare for work, blog, and read stuff on the internet.  The primary purpose for this is that it's the only hour of solitude I can carve out in the day.  I come down here, make the coffee, sit quietly, and breathe deeply.  At 6:30, I drag the family out of bed.

But today, I padded out of my room to discover multiple lights on.  I descended the steps, and the children were cuddled up on the couch watching Spooky Buddies.  It's a movie starring Golden Retriever puppies.

"What are you guys doing down here?" I asked.  "This is usually my alone time."

Mac smiled ridiculously and said, "Well, Mom, today this is our time."

Then, they starting asking for things.

"Just give me ten minutes," I said.  Everything is ruined.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Righteous Dude

Shef's try-outs are tonight.  It might be the last round of try-outs.  Nobody told me that try-outs are stressful for parents, too.  It's not that I care what team he makes - I don't care one bit - but I want him to get what he wants.  Because he wants it so much.  I imagine this is only the first time I'll feel this way.  There are innumerable potential disappointments ahead - driver's test failures, low grades, awards not received, colleges not gotten into, jobs rejected from, breakups, promotion pass-overs... the list never ends.  Life is one big disappointment, kid.  And this is just the potential start of it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Anything Good to Do

Psoriasis report:

Excellent news.  I've gone from 11% covered with psoriasis to 8% covered with psoriasis.  I'm going to be honest and tell you that when you're 11% covered, it feels like you are 80% covered.   If I didn't have to parade around in front of my older male doctor in my underwear in order to complete the calculations, I would have questioned his math.  But there's no denying the improvement.  I'm less hideous than I once was.

So we stay the course, and I continue to visit the light booth twice per week and use nine hundred-dollar ointment on my lesions.

"Nothing that comes in a TUBE should cost nine hundred dollars," my nurse said when I mentioned the price.

Amen, sister.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Today's installment features a turtle on piano keys.

I think if you look into that plastic turtle's eye, you can really see the depth of his struggle. His ancestors traversed the earth 220 million years ago, and yet he still can't tickle the ivories.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fakers Gonna Fake

At my violin lesson last week my teacher asked me to start memorizing the second violin part of the Bach Double.

"Yeah, right," I basically said.

Have you heard the Bach Double?  It's this: 

The second violin part is the one that starts first.  This is not what I sound like playing it.  And, I only have to learn the first movement.

So anyway, I was like, "I can't memorize it."

"Why not?" asked Jennifer.

"Ever since the Vivaldis, I just can't memorize."  I was being a little middle-schoolish.  I recognized this.

"Hmm," Jennifer said.  "How's your listening?"

When you study violin, you're supposed to listen to the pieces you're learning over and over again.  I have not been doing this.

"Poor," I admitted immediately.

"Okay," said Jennifer smiling.  "I'm going to skip straight past correlation and go right to causality."

So, I started listening to these gals.  I listen and follow along with the music.  We'll see how it goes.

Friday, October 17, 2014

They Will Attack

I think I might have psychological problems because I cannot stop laughing about this video.

I keep watching it and laughing my head off.  "Is it gone?!  It's it gone?! It's not gone!!"

Apparently, this is a magpie attack and this lady was sent out by her employer to provoke it.  That's all fine, but why do I think it's so funny?  Do I enjoy watching other people's pain and terror?  Apparently.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Conference Redux

We conferenced yesterday with each of the kid's teachers.  This year for the first time, Shef got to be in his conference with us and show us his work.  It was really funny to watch his demeanor with his teacher.  At the beginning of the conference, she told him how much she likes him and what good work he does. He was just sort of gaping at her, incredulous.  And giggling a little bit.

I think he said, "Okay," at the end of that part.

Then he scuttled over to his desk to get some work to show us. Later, we saw an iMovie he made about an engineering project regarding a boat.  The movie was hilarious, as in some cuts he was wearing a blue shirt and was sweaty and red-faced from PE.  Some shots he was in a red shirt and not those things.  The continuity issues cracked us all up.

Basically, Shef's work is stellar.  That's just a fact.

Mac's work is stellar, too.  He'd adopted a strategy to avoid reading for long periods of time that I thought was genius.  In a nutshell, he tried to take a really long time to select his book.  When I asked him about it, he got a little smirk.

"Ms. J. said she was going to take away 5-minutes of choice time if you kept doing that," I said.

"Yeah," he confirmed, "but I never got that consequence."  Kid's been hustling, which I appreciate.