Wednesday, July 1, 2015

American Ninja Warrior

Today marks the first day of a full month of blogging.  Buckle up!

We're starting with a STATUS REPORT:

Dog Training: I learned a maneuver called "Quiet Hold." Also, I learned a maneuver called the "Puppy Hold."  These very similar moves have been highly useful in curbing undesirable behaviors.  Just one more step on the way to the world's most perfect dog.

Summer Reading: I'm reading The Crossover, the Newbery Medal Winner for 2015.  It's absolutely fantastic.  Shef is reading Spy School, which he really likes.  He's trying to convince Mac and me that he's actually a CIA operative who completes training missions right underneath our noses.  "What do you think I'm really doing out there on the golf course?" he asked.  Mac is reading Marvin Redpost.  Let's all hold our breath until he finishes it.

Television: I've finally hit the tv groove this summer.  Two shows not to miss: Bloodline on Netflix, which unfolds like a novel, and UnReal on Lifetime which will forever change the way you love the Bachelorette. 5 stars to each.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Gratitude #10

Finishing out the June Gratitude Challenge with a second post for this fine Tuesday.  Here's something truly miraculous: the kids and I made it out of the dentist's office with a total of zero cavities. I know for a fact that this was pure dumb luck. I  am indeed grateful.

#TwinTuesday June Gratitude #9

It's #TwinTuesday, and it's chalk full of gratitude, as well.  First, we have the paws of the puppy.  That dog, I'm proud to say, was the absolute star of Puppy Kindergarten last night.  Other puppies were tearing around the place, chewing on other dogs and their owners, screaming their heads off.  Teddy Bridgewater was not.  He understood all of the obedience concepts swiftly.  Some other dog parents looked at me with jealousy in their eyes.  I wanted to tell them, "Hey.  Don't worry about it.  I tried it like you're trying it before with the deserving pound dogs. But this time, I paid for this nugget.  This, my friends, is why you shell out the big bucks for the designer dog with the guaranteed temperament."

Next, we have belongings of each of my sons.  Flip Flop is Shef's.  Car is Mac's. If you've met my sons or read about them before, you know any parent of theirs would be exceedingly grateful.

Third, I have LH who also has a flipflop and matchbox.  This gal rocks it hard core, day in-day out.  Not just anyone can bring it like Dr. H.

Thanks, Peeps and Pup!  And thanks, #TwinTuesday!

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Well, it was a work weekend at Camp.  I did a multitude of interesting jobs, including editing and proofreading, envelope stuffing, data entry, awards checking and preparing, transportation food pack-out, cabin folder prep, and other necessary and fun tasks.  Mac was a super camper, and I hardly saw him except to apply sunscreen and put him to bed.

Plus, I got to see the most amazing Camp Women, an inspiring mother-daughter team who are at the top of their field.

There was no time for #NovelSnip, but there was time for community living at its finest.  I'll get to it later this week on a surprise day, probably!  I need to really dig into it and think about these next pivotal scenes with Norah.  Then, I probably have to go back to the beginning of Norah and add in some other scenes.  She's coming alive bit by bit.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Just the Way You Are

You might not know that I have an incredibly common name.  Like, back in the early 2000s when Blockbuster was still a thing, there were six Kathleen W.'s at my local Blockbuster.  According to the Internet, Kathleen is the 36th most popular name for women in the United States.  W. is the 109th most popular surname for people in the United States.  According to a site called "How Many of Me," there are 475 people with my name in the United States.  I think there are actually way more.  One of them lives really close to me.  I even know the street she lives on because she and I frequent many of the same stores where they look you up by name to give you credits and such.

For sake of name comparison, I searched the names of my June Blogging Challenge Compatriots.  According to the site, there are 205 people who share a name with MM, 39 who share a name with jdoc, and only 8 that share a name with LH.  I think we can agree that my name is the most common.

Very frequently, I get email for other Kathleen W.'s.  Usually, I write the senders back.  Hey, I'll say. I'm not that Kathleen W.  I thought you might like to know!  For a long time, I got emails meant for a Kathleen who was a Yearbook rep in Texas.  I always felt really bad about these because they were from teachers.  These poor teachers, I'd think. Their messages aren't getting to the right person!

Recently, I've started getting emails for a Kathleen W. who is some kind of legal professional.  She's supposed to be on a Board of Directors for a Court Advisory Committee. I get agendas, call-in numbers, PDFs with lots of data, etc.  I've tried numerous times to get off of the mailing list.

"I'm not the right Kathleen," I write.  "I'm a different one who is a teacher in Minnesota!"

And then, I'll continue to get the emails.

Finally, I Replied All.  "I am on your email list in error," I said.  "If you have a Kathleen W. in your group, she is likely not receiving your emails."

I got a response from the Leader.  "I met a Dr. Kathleen W. at a conference who indicated she was willing to serve on the board.  Please let me know if you are that Kathleen W."

"I am not that Kathleen," I replied.  "That one might still be willing to serve on your board!"

I hope she is.  I feel attached to the board and their mission and their call-in numbers.  Come on, Kathleen W.!  Represent!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June Gratitude #8 - #TwinTuesday

#TwinTuesday.  I had to go with a pickle PRODUCT with my postcard because I didn't think I had a pickle.  And then, lo and behold, I found a flipping jar of pickles in my fridge.  Oh well. This pairing still sparks gratitude, the theme for June.

First, I'm grateful for my creative partner, Dr. H.  It goes without saying that I absolutely adore this woman.  Her #TwinTuesday photos are absolutely sublime and unexpected.

Second, I'm grateful for Camp Foley, the boys' cabins at which are depicted on this postcard.  I'm headed there this weekend to work, and the boys are headed there for two weeks in August. It's the best.

Finally, I'm not really grateful for relish because I don't like it that much.  But, I guess I'm glad it's made of pickles.

Monday, June 22, 2015

June Gratitude #7

As you know, Mac's required to read a book per week.  Last week it was a Magic Treehouse about pandas.  I read to him every evening, but he also needs to read to himself each day.

"Not now," he says whenever I tell him it would be a good time to get some pages done.  Other responses include, "After this show," "In a few minutes," and "UGH!"

"Mac," said Dan, supporting my efforts, "you're going to be very sad when you can't use any electronics because you didn't finish your book."

"I'LL READ IT AT MY BEDTIME," he screamed.  And sure enough, there he sat next to his bed with tears in his eyes, aggressively finishing the last seven pages last night at 9:30pm.

It's lucky I'm so committed to his literacy skill development, or else this child would be a master at getting me to give it up.