Sunday, April 26, 2015


#NovelSnip is a tiny portion of my fiction writing project.  I haven't been writing as much as I'd like, but I'm not giving up.  This picks up right where last week's left off. Chronological order, my friends!  Making a story!!

“Norah,” said Ellen, her roommate, one afternoon as the two wiled away  the last few minutes before the dining hall opened at five, “you should really come to the Spring Fling.”  The Central Wisconsin Association of Colleges put on the event each year, a social of sorts between St. Bonifacius and the other area schools.  

“No,” said Norah, “that’s not my kind of thing.” She stared into the mirror and tried to force the wisps of fine blond hair on her temples into some kind of order.
“Oh come on,” Ellen pleaded, her blue-jeaned legs crossed and her own blond hair pulled into matching low pigtails that bubbled over her wide-collared green shirt.  “There will be boys there.”  She hissed the s and bugged her eyes out.  “And bands, and almost everyone from 3rd MM is going,” she raised her eyebrows comically. Ellen and Norah both knew that the latter girl couldn’t stand to be left out.

“I have to study,” Norah said.

“On Saturday afternoon?” Ellen replied, sarcastically.  “No, you don’t.”  Norah met Ellen’s eyes in the mirror.  The two had grown steadily closer, especially since the afternoon when Ellen arrived in room 316 after her biology lab to find Norah wracked with sobs and curled underneath her bed.  Ellen had immediately dropped to the floor and softly stroked Norah’s hair from behind.

“It’s okay,” she’d whispered, before she’d even known.  “Everything’s going to be fine.”  A few minutes later, Norah had scooted back into the middle of the room and Ellen had laughed at the coating of dust that clung to Norah’s right side.

“Thanks for doing the cleaning,” Ellen said, smiling, reaching out with her hand to sweep the damp from Norah’s cheek.  “What happened?” Ellen said, when Norah had eeked out a tiny smile, a half giggle-half sob.

Norah’s breath shuddered as she prepared to tell Ellen her shameful secret.  “I got a C on my Hamlet paper,” she blurted, tears forming again.  Ellen, who’d been expecting news of a dead grandparent or the financial ruin of the Sullivan family, tried unsuccessfully to keep from laughing.

“Okay,” she said, a smile building from her chin to her cheeks and a few giggles trailing the word.  Norah swatted at her shoulder.

“Don’t laugh,” she said.  “I’m a failure.”

Ellen got to her knees and grabbed her roommate in a heartfelt hug.  “You’re just fine,” she’d said, and Norah hugged her back.

That's it!  Next week, they'll probably be some more.  I mean, I do have more.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Oh, Oh So Is Life

Shef's 5th grade play was last night.  They also did a daytime performance, which I snuck into.  I know I'm his proud parent, but this is a true story:

The kid was spectacular.

That's all there is to it.

He played a clownfish who was the funniest clownfish ever.  

When I walked into the auditorium during my prep, I was just expecting to check out a fun play starring some cool kids. But when the fifth graders starting doing their final dance number to "Turn the World Around" and just looked so grown up and lovely, there was no choice but to start sobbing.  I had to leave the theater.    

As you can imagine, I was really glad I went to the morning show and accomplished that release, so I could respond to the evening performance like a normal, emotionally stable person.  The normal, emotionally stable person who is pictured here with the clownfish.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


We're here at Tuesday once again, and the Twins have thread and a tea cup.  

This photo has a grandmother theme.  My cup belonged to Dan's grandmother.  It's painted with lead paint, so you can't actually drink out of it.  I keep it on my dresser and store my earbuds inside.  In this photo, it's sitting on a table I got from my grandmother.  I have always loved this table, and I keep it even though Dan doesn't like it at all.  It's mine, so I get to have it. Speaking of Dan, he's blogging again.  Have you heard?

Finally, thread.  I'm lucky I even had this thread, as I don't even know how to sew.  The last time this thread was used was when the kids were doing surgery on old stuffed animals.  Maybe I'll start sewing someday. I wouldn't rule it out.  Maybe when I'm a grandmother.

Monday, April 20, 2015

To the Strawberry Ice Cream

Fitness Fail: I accidentally gained weight by eating everything in sight for many days on end.  So, now, everything is softer and bulgier that I'd prefer it to be.  Like, it's even getting tricky to tuck in shirts to my pants and skirts.

So, let me say this: I'm making healthy choices starting today!  This is my solemn vow.  And, you know I'll keep you updated.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Here's some craziness: I've been writing in order for all of April.  All Norah, in chronological order.  This feels like some sort of breakthrough, like maybe I could write all of the characters in order and see when and where they intersect. Anyway, last week, I wrote about the C Norah got on her Hamlet paper.  Here's the conclusion of that scene.  It starts right where the last one left off.

“How’d you do?” Donna leaned in from her right.  Norah instinctively pulled the paper toward her chest.

“Horrible,” she said, looking down.  “Just horrible!”

“Yeah,” Donna said, curling her mouth up in a wry smile, “I got a B too.  It stinks.”

Norah slid out of her desk and grabbed her backpack, still clutching her paper.  “See you later,” she mumbled, and hurried out of the room, rocketing blindly for the door of the building.  In the quad, she felt her lips start to quiver and tears spill from her lower lids. She didn’t look up once - not on the sidewalk, not at the entrance of Mother Mary, not on the stairs, not even once she entered room 316. She closed the door behind her and leaned against it, sobs overtaking her, a high wailing emanating from her throat.

“No, no, no,” Norah moaned.  “I can’t do this.”  She dropped her backpack next to her desk and sunk to the floor, tipping forward from her knees and pressing her face against the cool linoleum.  For many minutes, Norah lost herself, feeling only the clammy wet of her cheeks.  “I can’t do this,” she mumbled.  “I can’t do this.”  She balled the Hamlet paper in her right hand.  Finally, she pushed herself back to her hands and knees and inched toward her bed. Norah pawed the pillow from its head and stuffed it under her metal bed frame. She crawled in after it, curling up against the cinder block wall.

After this, her roommate comes back and helps her, thank goodness.  She does recover from this episode; however, I think we can agree her moment-by-moment coping skills might need work.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Sent From Above

This week has been not the most smooth.  I haven't exercised or worked on #NovelSnip very much. I can't wait for it to be over is basically what I'm saying.

Today we have some shortened classes, an Earth Day video, and then a faculty meeting.  That's it.  I can do that, right?  Right?!  Please let me be able to do it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Today's offering includes a ukelele and a wedding ring.  I put mine on top of the puzzle I just finished.  As a result, there's a little too much going on in this photo.  Lee has a lovely shot of the body of the uke on some upholstery.  Very pleasing. 

But, #TwinTuesday isn't really about perfection, believe it or not.  It's about creativity and collaboration and connection.  I'm keeping on.