Friday, February 1, 2013

We Don't Usually Tickle Old People

Two of the men in the house have begun blogging once again. Dan is detailing his crazy, transformative diet and exercise routine.  Sheffield is writing about his foray into tae kwon do.

I'm still here, as usual.  Super behind at work at the moment due to several circumstances.  No one should freak out.  I'm totally going to catch up to a reasonable level this weekend.  It'll be hard, but I can do it.  Maybe we should do another challenge to encourage creative and exciting writing?  Unlike this writing right here?


anne said...

I read Dan's entry and just about died laughing. You've got a pretty funny husband there :)

LH said...

Did someone say CHALLENGE?

Bethn8r said...

Please!!! Bring on a blogging challenge!!

jdoc said...

I agree. We need the challenge! What could it be?

LH said...

Did you see that Desiree favorited one of my tweets?

Come on. Challenge!